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BA Art Center insists the principle “Education and research develop simultaneously. Brand develops with operation”. Centering on the systemic research of modern art history and integrative observation and analysis to global modern art phenomenon, BA Art Center has dug and examined the academic value and artistic value of museums' art work constantly. And then BA Art Center has presents art work to the public by special exhibition, case study and art promotion to introduce the modern art of unique artistic charm and reserve value to social art enthusiasts and collectors. As our art practice base, BA Art Center has formed a public art communicative platform through art promotion, public art, art training, art merchandise, art cross-border cooperation and other open forms.  



The display space of Shanghai BA Art Center was designed by Italian design firm Saporiti Italia. There are two main display space: Dark space and White space. Taking “gloom”, “Secret”, “Quiet”and “Meditation”as theme, dark space gives people quiet and profound feeling. Taking “Bright”, “Openness”, “Public” and “Interaction”as theme, white space presents the subtle tension of building and natural environment’s change. 


Supported by BA Art Center exhibition, BA art Education goes over the modern art and combine foreign mature idea to develop systemic course for children art education. 


WWW.AT798.CN art store is the agent of MOMA's and Metropolitan Museum of Art's merchandises. It cooperates with artists to create a series of art merchandises, including woodcuts, stationery, living goods, clothes, jewelry and all kinds of living creative goods.