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On request from enterprises, organizations, collectors and art enthusiasts, BA can offer comprehensive art solutions of collection & investment, art consulting, art work storage, art work leasing, art work merchandising and marketing, and establishing cross-border cooperation. With rich human resources including artists and designers, professional creative teams and abundant market resources, BA can offer high-quality solutions for domestic and international organizations.

Art consulting


As enterprises and collectors’art consultant, BA help enterprises make the transition “Art +”. Our professional and efficient team help clients through elaborate design and honest service to achieve unique and fashionable style “Art+”, supply the multiple market demands and create excellent art work constantly.

Art+” Hotelblob.png

BA has provided overall art solutions to Wanda. By turning the formal space ornament of the hotel to investment and collection of art assets, Wanda hotel’s brand image was improved.

Art+” Fashion


BA help Eve de UOMO make the transition “Art+”. BA pours the artistic element in the operational model of the traditional fashion and makes it present new appearance. 

Art+” Real Estate


Yingshi Real Estate   Changsha Pofu International Square  I CITY  Beautiful Life Center Art

BA cooperates with Yingshi Real Estate and customize art solutions for it. By art exhibition, art merchandise and art activity, BA create the art service that rolls interaction and experience into one. Thus it promotes the enterprises brand image, helps raise the consumer flow, improves the consumer structure and allocates idle resource rationally. 

Art Merchandising Development


BA's excellent connections with major international art museums has enabled it to become the exclusive art merchandising agent of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum in China., a large platform for art merchandise, what was established by BA has become a new exchange platform of modern art. 

Cross-border Cooperation


Cui Ruzhuo&Wuliangye Beautiful Life Art Wine


Artist Ji Yiwei & JOHNNIE WALKER


Galaxy SOHO IMAX Art Festival

Cui Ruzhuo, Ji Yiwei, Huang Yongyu, Yuan Yihong and other masters of art who are represented by BA not only created excellent works with art design and popular element but also refreshed the definition of art collection through the cross-border cooperation with Galaxy SOHO, JOHNNIE WALKER, Wuliangye and other high tier brands.

Art Work Leasing


BA provides purchasable and rentable art works for governmental and commercial offices, hotels, public spaces and enterprises. Works include traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, graphic paintings, sculptures and videos. Relying on its original works of good quality and high performance price ratio, BA helps clients make personal and popular ornamental style and meets the multiple market demands.